At Piece Management, our journey began in 1989, and over the years, we’ve evolved to become a trusted name in the construction industry. With decades of experience under our belt, we’ve adapted to the changing landscape of construction management while staying true to our core principles.

Our primary mission has always been to orchestrate and streamline construction projects from inception to completion. We take pride in our role as the conductor of each project, ensuring harmony, efficiency, and excellence every step of the way.

From restaurant and retail build-outs and fit-outs to corporate office renovations and manufacturing projects, financial stewardship is a vital aspect of our service. We understand the importance of keeping projects financially on track.Crafting meticulous budgets, closely monitoring expenditures, and procuring materials and subcontractors efficiently are second nature to us.

Our ability to manage contractors and subcontractors is a testament to our experience. We take pride in our ability to select, evaluate, and oversee these essential partners, ensuring that they adhere to the highest safety and quality standards. When challenges arise, our mediation skills come into play.

In the realm of technology, we stay at the forefront, leveraging cutting-edge construction management software, BIM, and advanced tools to enhance project planning and execution.

Our reputation is based on convenience, communication and commitment, which translates to quality, consistency and reliability for you. As General Contractors with some of America’s top brands as CLIENTS, we pride ourselves on being able to efficiently work around your business’s current hours of operation. With locations in Boston, NYC, Philadelphia, Washington D.C. and Chicago, Piece Management has the resources and capabilities to turn your ideas and plans into reality.

At Piece Management, our journey continues as we remain committed to our founding principles while embracing innovation and change. 

If you would like to learn more about working with Piece Management as a Client, Sub-Contractor, or if you’re interested in joining our team, be sure to  CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO, explore our WORK FOR US page, or dive into some of the insightful posts on our RECENT JOBS BLOG.

From buildouts and renovations to Facilities Maintenance to Custom Millwork and Virtual Facilities Management, Piece Management is your turnkey construction management firm.